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From Awakening to Preparatory   |

Learn (age 8-11)

From the age of 8,  Dance sections ( Classical I , II & III) offer an innovative educational and cultural program. From the first year, with adapted Choreography at their level, students participate in the annual performance to present their work to parents on the one hand, but also to allow them to taste the scene.


The levels are determined according to age, but also the student's basics, his evolution and his personal investment. The transition from one level to another is decided according to the work of the complete year . Participation in Spring Gala is an integral part of this evaluation.


The School does not take any more pupils in section Awakening (before the age of 8 years), this level being more oriented on the knowledge of the body and musical learning. The Preparatory Section is aimed at students wishing to integrate classical dance into their personal evolution. This base is progressive and respects the development phases of the student. Our goal is to discover and develop the body artistic expression, melodic and rhythmic, and discover potential future talents.

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From Hope to Study   |

Develop (age 11-15)

Thanks to adapted schedules to balance school life and dance, this section is organised in three Section : Classical IV, V and VI (elementary, secondary and higher) which correspond to three stages of learning and mastering dance techniques.


Students enrolled in these levels take an average of 7 hours of classes per week, including a contemporary cycle, Initiation and Technical Tips. Students who wish to audition for the Academic Training Program, can integrate this curriculum on audition.