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24 July - 6 August 2023

Brussels International Ballet is happy to announce its 10th edition Summer Intensive Program from July 24 to 6 August 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

​The course welcomes all dancers, students, semi-professional, and professional dancers aged between 12 to 18+.

​Our Summer Intensive Program is a unique opportunity to work with our renowned guest teachers with one-on-one support in a friendly, positive atmosphere.


Groups are now complete and applications are closed. 

Brussels International Ballet has become a well-known destination for some of the most talented students from Europe, America, Japan, Latin America, Canada, and Australia.​

Famous classical and contemporary teachers such as: 

Sofia Gumerova, Irek Moukhamedov, Sergii Bondur, Amanda Bennett, Irina Zavialova, Rafael Sady, Geraldine Meslier, Roberto Altamura, Luca Cesa, Mickael Fuscaldo,  Lesley  Telford , Thomas Klein,  and many others have taught at previous Summer Intensive Programs. You will also have the chance to audition for the year-round Professional Intensive Training Program.


Boys & girls : 12-14 / 15-17 / 18+

Groups are now complete and applications are closed. 

Level Intermediate: Students aged 12-14 years old as of 30 July 2023


This program allow dancers to enjoy an intensive period of World-class ballet during two intensive weeks. It provides students the opportunity to understand and improve their skills and gain strength. It is designed to give them a deeper understanding of Classical Ballet, Repertoire … and to explore their passion for dance with international students in a kindly and inspiring environment.

This year, the intermediate level is open for young dancers from the age of 12 to give them the chance to take intensive courses for two weeks. Accommodation in the dorms is highly recommended to experience a total immersion in the world of dance.


Semi-Advanced: 15-17: students aged 15-17 years as of 30 July 2023


This program is aimed at students aged 15 to 17 who already have a good level in Ballet Classique and who want to improve their skills.

Pre-Professional & Professional: 18 years and above

Students have the opportunity to improve their skills and explore the demands of a professional career. They will have greater strength, precision, confidence and will empower their passion for the art of Classical Ballet, Repertoire and Acting.




Classical technique

Pointe technique

Female variations

Male variations

Pas de Deux

Pilates (only from age 15)

Contemporary technique

and others.


Class schedule

The final timetable will be announced on the first day of the Summer Program.  


  • Morning Programs run from 9:00 to 13:00

  • Afternoon Programs run from 14:30 to 17:30


Guest teachers

Anderson Santana_1.JPG

Anderson Santana

Geraldine Meslier.jpg

Géraldine Meslier

Irina Zavialova.png

Irina Zavialova

Screenshot 2023-06-30 222031.png

Maia Zurashvili

Michael Fuscaldo.jpg

Michael Fuscaldo

kazuko sumimoto.JPG

Kazuko Sumimoto

Olga Iakovlevskaya.jpeg

Olga Iakovlevskaya

ciro carcatella.jpg

Ciro Carcatella

How to apply 

To register for the Intensive Summer Program, all candidates must download the Application form below. You must fill it out and upload it with the required photos and pay the administration fee. Please see the required photos in this PDF.


Only completed, signed, and submitted registration forms with all required photos will be considered.


Any incomplete form will be rejected. Be sure to upload your ID picture to the application form. (Recommended format is 35 mm x45 mm).


Administration fee:


An administrative fee of EUR 20 is payable during the submission process. When the Submit button is clicked, a payment window pops up. Upon successful payment, your registration is complete.


Once accepted, you will receive the acceptance letter and will be required to pay the amount according to your registration.

If you encounter technical issues with the online application platform, please follow the instructions outlined below the online registration window. After paying the administration fee, email the completed application pdf to .

Dress code for the pictures:

Girls - Any colour leotard, salmon tights and shoes, hair bun. No skirts, no warm-ups.

Boys - t-shirt (black or white); tights (black or white); ballet shoes (black or white), no warm-ups.  Photos with “barefoot” will be rejected.

The selection of accepted applicants is at the sole discretion of the artistic director and the artistic team. The reasons for not being accepted to the Summer Program 2023 will not be disclosed.


Applicants older than 15 can also send a link or video of a classic solo variation as an alternative.

Once we have received your material, we will evaluate your registration and the results will be sent via email.


For students who wish to register for the Professional Training Program season 2023/2024, they will have the opportunity to audition at the very end of the Summer Program. We strongly recommend you read all the information about PTP before applying for this year-round program.


Brussels International Ballet School offers a boarding option, located 300 metres from the school (Internat Don Bosco) Attention! If you have any questions concerning the dormitory, please contact Brussels International Ballet only.

Arrivals: Students opting for the Dormitory option should arrive for check-in at the dormitory on Sunday, 23rd of July 2023 from 12:00. Dorms will be open ONLY from 12:00.

Departure: Students must leave the dorm by 10:00 the latest on Monday 7th of August. Dorm's doors will be closed from 10:00 onwards on Monday 7th of August.


It is recommended and is your responsibility to book your flights in accordance with the dormitory schedules. Early arrivals or late departures will not be accommodated by the organisers.

Dorm option:  This package includes 13 overnight stays, breakfasts, lunches & dinners. Please find more information about this option in the application form.

Housing for parents:

Parents are not allowed to stay at the dormitory, and it is not allowed to pick up students during the week. Should you wish to plan a program with your child during the Summer Program, the days for this can be Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July (for both internal and external students). Students must be back at the dorms before 20:00.


Excursion is planned for internal students on Sunday 30th July.


Attention! If you have any questions concerning the dormitory, please contact Brussels International Ballet only.

For hotels and Airbnbs in the area “Woluwe Saint Pierre”, search

Tuition & payment information  

Please find all fee and payment information in the Application form below.


For any additional questions, please email


This is a fillable PDF form

  1. Download the form to your computer

  2. Complete the form in Adobe Reader, or in any other PDF reader then save it (save as) with the following format: First name, Last name_SP2023. Please upload your ID photo as well onto the form! If you couldn't upload the ID photo onto the form, please upload it separately below with the help of "Upload photo 6" button

  3. Click "Submit" to make the payment for the administration fee and to submit the form along with the required photos.

Please read to "Help" section below this form for an alternative application method in the event you are experiencing technical issues.

Upload filled aplication form
Upload photo 1
Upload photo 2
Upload photo 3
Upload photo 4
Upload photo 5 (only girls)
Upload ID phto

Thank you for registering!



The primary application method is the online application platform above. In the event you are experiencing any technical difficulties with the online uploading procedure, you can send your completed application form along with the photos and the proof of payment of the 20 Eur administration fee by email to:, indicating "SP2023 Application + name of the candidate" in the subject field. 

To make the payment of 20 EUR for the administration fee, please click on the "Pay now" button:

Attention! Only use this method if you were unable to submit your application through the website.

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