Program 2021


Youth Summer Program 2021 | 5 July-9 July

The program welcomes kids aged 9-13, in 2 groups: age 9-11, and 11-13.

Classes all day: classical, contemporary, barre a terre, from 09:30 am to 5 pm.

Please find more information, fees and general terms & conditions on the registration form.

To register for the program, please download the registration form, complete it, and upload it below. You can also send the completed registration form via email to:


As soon as your registration is confirmed by email by the school administration, the total amount of the fees must be paid to validate the registration. Delayed payment may result in losing your place. Please find the payment form at the bottom of this page, under the registration. You can also make your payment to the school’s bank account.  Please send a copy of the receipt by email.


This is a fillable PDF form

  1. Download the form to your computer

  2. Complete the form in Adobe Reader, or in any other PDF reader then save it (save as) with the following format: Student's First name, Last name Youth SP2021. Please upload your ID photo as well onto the form! If you couldn't upload the ID photo onto the form, please upload it separately below with the help of the "Upload ID photo" button

  3. Click "Submit" 

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Please allow a few seconds for the upload to take place. 

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