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27-28 JANUARY 2024

We are thrilled to invite you all to the VKIBC Semi-finals in Brussels, Belgium, a prestigious ballet competition hosted by Brussels International Ballet at the magnificent Palais des Beaux-Arts.
Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your talent and passion in front of an international jury of experts, and to win amazing prizes such as scholarships, apprenticeships, and contracts with renowned ballet programs around the world.


Sitting atop Coudenberg Hill, monumental and yet discreet, the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR) is Belgium’s major cultural venue. In 1913, Queen Elisabeth and King Albert I expressed their desire to build “a temple devoted to Music and the Arts”. Designed by renowned Belgian architect Victor Horta (1861-1947), construction began after the First World War. Upon returning from his stay in the United States, Horta abandoned his flamboyant, industrial Art Nouveau style for the more monumental and geometric language of Art Deco. Inaugurated in 1928, the Centre for Fine Arts is a testimony to this aesthetic revolution. For nearly a century, the centre has hosted the art world’s crème de la crème, and it is where most of Bozar’s cultural and artistic activities are held.



One week before the first day of competition.
Music with applause or poor quality will not be accepted.


Participants are NOT permitted to purchase additional time. Any entry with music that exceeds the allotted time limit may result in a point deduction or disqualification.


Classical Variation or Contemporary/Open Solo:
Maximum - 2 minutes and 30 seconds


Classical Pas de Deux:
Maximum - 6 minutes (Adagio and Coda only)


Contemporary Pas de Deux:
Maximum - 3 minutes and 30 seconds


Maximum - 3 minutes and 30 seconds


Ensemble (3 or 4 members):
Maximum - 3 minutes and 30 seconds


Ensemble (5+ members):
Maximum - 5 minutes



The average age for an ensemble must be between 9 and 20 years old. Professional dancers cannot participate as partner (Professional dancer: any dancer who is apprentice, trainee, part time or full-time dancer with a professional dance company).

Maximum - 3 minutes and 30 seconds

Ensemble (3 or 4 members):
Maximum - 3 minutes and 30 seconds

Ensemble (5+ members):
Maximum - 5 minutes


Precompetitive: ages 9-11
(born between January 2, 2012, and January 1, 2015)

No pointe performances allowed. ONLY demi-pointes are permitted in the Precompetitive category. Dancers in this category are strictly prohibited from performing on pointe. Using pointe shoes will result in immediate disqualification.


• Ballet (Choreographer)
• Coppelia (A. St. Leon) 1st Act Variation
• Don Quixote (M. Petipa) Cupid Variation
• Fairy Doll (S. Legat)
• Flower Festival at Genzano (A. Bournonville) Pas de Deux & Variations
• Giselle (J. Perrot, J. Coralli) Peasant Pas de Deux & Variations
• Graduation Ball (D. Lichine) Pas De Deux Variations
• Harlequinade (M. Petipa) Pas De Deux Variations
• La Bayadere (M. Petipa) Three Shade Variations
• La Fille Mal Gardée (B. Nijinska, D. Romanoff) Pas de Deux Variations
• Le Corsaire (M. Petipa) Odalisque Variations
• Paquita (M. Petipa) All Variations (except Principal Variations)
• Raymonda (M. Petipa) All Variations (except Principal Variations)
• Swan Lake (M. Petipa, L. Ivanov) Pas de Trois Variations
• The Flames of Paris (V. Vainonen) Pas de Deux Variations
• The Sleeping Beauty (M. Petipa) Variations of Fairies, Blue Bird Pas de Deux Variations

Junior Division: Age: 12-14
(Born between January 2, 2009, and January 1, 2012)
The list of ballets is to be decided later.

Senior Division: Age: 15-18
(born between January 2, 2003, and January 1, 2009)

The list of ballets is to be decided later.

Professional Division: Age: 19-26
(born between January 2, 1996, and January 1, 2003)
The list of ballets is to be decided later.

Junior, Senior and Professional divisions: click here for Repertoire.

For Pas de Deux entries where the male dancer is 14 years old or younger, it is strongly encouraged that the piece be performed using "par terre" partnering only, with no lifting above the shoulder level.

The venue hosting the event is not responsible for any personal injury or property loss that is suffered by anyone attending or participating in the competition.

VKIB Competition reserves the right, when necessary, to relocate a competition site/date/time or expand a competition to a multiple-day event if necessary.

All changes to the originally submitted entries must be updated online on the VKIBC website. Competition reserves the right to change, delete, or add to any rules, regulations, or policies at any time deemed necessary.

VKIBC Competition reserves the right to cancel any event due to lack of registration, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances. If an extenuating weather or unforeseen circumstance arises and VKIBC Competition cancels an event and it is not rescheduled, refunds or credits for the following year will be provided. If the event is rescheduled, no refunds will be given. Should an extenuating circumstance arise, please check the website and/or the email address that you registered under for any event updates.

By signing the VKIBC Competition Release Agreement, all registered competitors grant permission to VKIBC Competition and its representatives to publish their photographs/videos on local or national television, promotional videos, marketing materials, the internet, or any other visual media, as deemed fit by VKIBC Competition in an effort to promote its competitions.

In addition, all representatives, and staff of VKIBC Competition are released and held harmless from any and all claims for damages or injuries sustained while participating or attending any activity related to any and all VKIBC Competition events.

All photographs/videos taken by VKIBC Competition, and any independent representative commissioned by VKIBC Competition become the property of VKIBC Competition. 1725 York Avenue, Suite 10A New York, NY 10128 Tel: +1-475-257 0752

Rules and regulations



The Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition was born from a desire to give young dancers a platform to compete in a fair, unpolitical forum. VKIBC has quickly gained an international reputation for its fair scoring. Judges' scores are based exclusively on the abilities of the dancer and are not influenced by status of school, coach, or teacher. Dancers ranging from age 9 in the Pre Youth Division, through professionals to the age of 26 in the Senior Division assemble for several days of competition. Competitors are scored meticulously by an esteemed panel of judges, all extremely qualified and reputable in their fields of expertise. 

Valentina Kozlova has vast experience as a competitor, renowned coach, and international judge. She understands the conflicts and demands put before both the judge and the dancer. Because of this VKIBC strives to ensure every competitor is scored fairly on technique, artistic interpretation, and musicality. During the week of competition in New York City, participants are offered a chance to take master classes and audition for scholarships. 

On average, dancers from over 25 countries enter every year. Participation at VIKBC helps these young competitors in a myriad of ways, from learning more about how various classical variations are performed to winning a scholarship or contract, gaining more exposure, or simply seeing how they compare to their peers. Competitors are able to achieve these and many other goals during the week of professional, supportive, and exciting competition.

VKIBC premiered at the Boston International Ballet Competition (BIBC) in 2011 at The John Hancock Hall. In 2013 the competition moved to New York City. The next year VKIBC added one day of competition exclusively for Contemporary dancers and Choreographers, fulfilling its mission of “Preserving the Past, Discovering the Future.” 

VKIBC semi-finals were held in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2015, Brussels, Belgium in 2015, Posadas, Argentina in 2015 and 2016, Brazil and Saint Petersburg, Russia in 2017, and Brazil again in 2018, 2019, and 2022. VKIBC semi-finals were also held in Mexico in 2019 and 2020, Paraguay in 2018 and 2019, and Argentina in 2019.

VKIBC’s 10th edition should have taken place March 15th - 20th 2020. Due to covid-19 pandemic, the finals were canceled.

The next edition took place live, online, March 8-15, 2021. it was the first time ever, worldwide, that a dance competition was held online in a live way. VKIBC went to Symphony Space Theater in New York for the 2022 edition.

The 2023 edition took place place April 17-21 at The Kaye Playhouse in Manhattan.

In a few years, participants from VKIBC have gone on to have wonderful careers in major companies all over the world. We are thrilled to play a small role in encouraging them. 



By clicking on the link below, candidates will be directed to the Brussels Semi-finals dedicated page on the official VKIBC website, where they can obtain additional information and complete their registration.

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