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Brussels International Ballet School works with students aged 14-19 who seek the highest standard of classical ballet education to prepare for a professional career.


It is a three-year intensive professional training program (2 years is compulsory, 3 recommended) for graduation into professional international ballet companies.

Working daily under Anderson Santana’s artistic direction, and his faculty's careful guidance, students develop the essential skills to fully explore and realise their greatest individual potential. This program is based on the Vaganova method, a system of training that is logical, thought-provoking, inspiring, and highly effective. There is great emphasis on our men's program, focusing on the development of the strength, stamina, and masculinity associated with strong male technique.

Along with daily lessons in classical technique, students are immersed in learning the classical repertoire and are exposed to a variety of workshops to develop fluency in various styles of dance.

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Program & Classes


Brussels International Ballet's exceptional Vaganova-based training includes:

  • Classical Technique

  • Men's Class separately

  • Pointe/Variations

  • Male Variations

  • Pas De Deux

  • Contemporary

  • Character dance

  • Pilates

  • Theater

  • Workshops

  • Performances

  • Selected Students for International Competitions

Students train 6 days per week, on average of 6-7 hours per day.


The division is divided into two groups :

Group A : 16-19

Group B : 14 - 16

Ballet classes run:

Monday-Friday, 9:30am -5:30pm. Note : Group B, hours are adapted allowing the students to follow their academic courses.

Saturday morning: classical ballet class with rehearsal and or competition preparation


Average Class Size : 15 students per class


Tuition 2020/2021


Fees will be communicated after acceptation of the registration form.

Examination / Evaluation process


All students  receive bi-annual written evaluations as well as personal conferences. The Artistic Director provides dedicated time per week to address the individual students’ needs. During this in person evaluation, the student will sets goals for the school year.  The d