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Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion

Marta Graham

Latest competition awards


  • Luisa Ciciliotti : 1st prize (Prix Arabesque, Charleroi)

  • Romain Vandersmissen : 2nd prize (Prix Arabesque, Charleroi)

  • Emanuele Frigo : 3rd prize (Prix Arabesque, Charleroi)

  • Marina Tschanz : 3rd prize (Prix Arabesque, Charleroi)

  • Nélia Roseau : 1st prize (Prix Arabesque, Charleroi)

  • Lison Corhay : 2nd price (Prix Arabesque, Charleroi)


  • ​Emer Lenihan, 2nd prize, Grand Prix Kiev 


  • ​Leena Coulie, 1st prize classical, YAGP Semi-final, Paris

  • Neline Theron, 2nd prize contemporary, YAGP Semi-Final, Paris


  • Miguel Angel, 2nd prize, 14th Seoul International Dance Competition  

  • Leena Coulie, Contemporary Support Prize, 14th Seoul International Dance Competition  

  • Miguel Angel Aranda Amaida and Yuyu Ichikawa, 2nd Place Category Pas de Deux Classical (Tanzolymp)

  • Clara Strassel = scholarships Summer Intensive Vienna, Royal Ballet School Antwerp (Tanzolymp)

  • Miguel Angel Aranda Amaida = Scholarships Summer Intensive Royal Ballet School Antwerp, ​Audition entrance to the English National Ballet School (Tanzolymp)

  • Pauline Gierling, 2nd price Category Classique Pre-Professionnel 4 (Prix Arabesque)​,  2nd Place, category Classical Junior semi-finales (VKIBC)

  • Laura Glare 3rd price Category Classique Pre-Professionnel 4 (PrixArabesque)


  • Aggelos Antoniou  - 1st Price Solo variation “Satanella”, 1st Price Pas de deux with “Satanella’’, 1st Price Neoclassical solo “La double vie”, 3rd Price Contemporary solo “J’ai seul la clef de cette parade sauvage", at the 16th International Dance Competition Hellas, Greece, 2016 and two scholarships for the Bulgaria Summer dance camp 

  • Manuel Garrido - Finalist International Ballet competition Varna 2016

  • Yuyu Ichikawa - Grand Prix Arabesque 

  • Cyrielle Jost, 2nd price category Pre-professional 4 Prix Arabesque in 2016​  


  • Nozomi Kayano - Silver medal category Senior at the semi finals of VKIBC, Brussels

  • Kazuki Endo - Bronze medal Junior category Senior at the semi finals of VKIBC, Brussels

  • Aggelos Antoniou  - Bronze medal with the contemporary dance solo “J’ai seul la clef de cette parade sauvage" at the semi finals of VKIBC, Brussels

  • Aggelos Antoniou  -  2nd Price solo variation from “swan lake pas de trois”, 2nd Price Contemporary solo “J’ai seul la clef de cette parade sauvage" at the PETIPA International Ballet Competition Brussels

  • Leena Coulie -  2nd Price category junior at the PETIPA International Ballet Competition Brussel

Company contracts


  • Miguel Angel, English National Ballet


  • Fanchon Moreau - Contract with the National Opera of Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Rebecca Bowden: Contract with the State Ballet of Kosice

  • Angelos Antoniou: Contract with the State Ballet of Georgia (Tbilisi)


  • Haruka Suga  -  Contract with the Coastal City Ballet (Vancouver, Canada)

  • Nozomi Kayano - Contract with K Ballet (Tokyo, Japan)

  • Asami Grace Takahashi - Contract for the production "Le fantôme de l'Opéra" - Paris (France)

  • Clara Hollants Van Loocke - Contract with Teatrul de Balet Sibiu, TBS (Sibiu, Romania)  

  • Salomé Santana - Contract with the Mariinsky Theatre (St Petersburg, Russia)


  • Alisa Uzunova - accepted to the Vaganova Ballet Academy

  • Nana Shibuichi - contract to the Cork City Ballet


  • Charlotte Bérard - Contract with the Sofia National Ballet (Bulgaria)


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