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Anderson Santana

Dancer Choreographer, Artistic Director and Founder of Brussels International Ballet. Member of the International Dance Council (CID) - UNESCO, Graduate of Artistic Education, approved since 1996 by the General Service of Artistic Education


The Dancer

Born in Brazil, Anderson's dance odyssey commenced at the National School of Rio de Janeiro. Under the guidance of mentors such as Edmundo Carijo, Maria Olenewa of the Municipal Theater, and Tatiana Leskova, he honed his skills, simultaneously immersing himself in studies with Aldo Lotuft and Moema Correa.

In 1985, Anderson took the first steps of his professional career with the Ballet Municipal de Campinas in Brazil. His versatility shone through as he performed roles ranging from corps de ballet to soloist in iconic productions like Don Quichote, Swan Lake, Giselle, and Romeo & Juliette. During this pivotal year, he also caught the attention of choreographer Guillermo Borean, with whom he continued his studies alongside his company commitments.

A turning point arrived when Maurice Béjart, enchanted by Anderson's passion and artistry, extended an invitation to Europe. The offer materialized into a contract, propelling Anderson into the European dance scene.

Upon arriving in Europe, Anderson's talent graced the Scala Theatre in the "Broadway Musical Company from New York." He contributed to the European Tour of "West Side Story" (J.Robbins) and "Jesus Christ Superstar (Lewis Robinson)., solidifying his artistic style. Collaborations with Merlin Brinnar and Vladimir Semievov further enriched his European experience. Subsequently, he joined the Brussels Ratlas Dance Company in Belgium, where he collaborated with Timur Ratlas as a soloist in "Le train, 17 juillet."

A new chapter unfolded as Anderson joined the Royal Ballet of Flanders under Robert Denvers' direction, assuming various soloist roles in diverse ballets.


His journey continued joining different companies such as the Royal Ballet of Wallonie under Frédéric Flamand

The Choreographer


In 1998, Anderson embraced the role of a choreographer, crafting his first ballet, "Dark evenings." Simultaneously, he ventured into teaching classical ballet in Boston,  United States, delving into the "Maria Fay's method" in New York.


From 1999 to 2005, his creative spirit flourished, giving birth to numerous works for professional academies and solo pieces for dancers. In 2003, he introduced a groundbreaking ballet, "La rage des peuples," marking the inception of a prolific choreographic career that has since seen Anderson create over 50 variations.

Since then, Anderson Santana has choreographed several major ballets such as "Swan Lake" and "Giselle",  The Nutcracher 

One man, one vision


In 2005, driven by his enthusiasm, energy, and desire to convey his passion for dance, Anderson Santana founded Brussels International Ballet School in Brussels, where his artistic history began. He puts all his energy so that the young dancers who integrate the Ballet School can reach a high level and demonstrate the artistic talent of Belgium. Since 2009 many students have won first prizes as well as scholarships and internships.


The director, the ballet master


Always keeping the transmission of passion for dance to young students, Anderson continued his primary mission, that is to train future talent who will join international companies.

In 2013, he decided to create the Professional Section to give Belgian and international students, the opportunity to develop their potential and then be able to join the most prestigious ballet companies in the world. He is passionate, is respected in the dance world, and has an overall vision that continuously aims to improve the discipline of dance.


There is a strong classical base that enables the dancers to always reach excellence. This hard work has paid off by excellent results at international competitions (1st price and distinction: Chausson d’or, Paris, YAGP, Monaco, Ballettschule Hamburg John Neumeye, Moscow, Varna, Bulgarie, Helsinki). Brussels International Ballet has certainly one of the most important palmares in Belgium of 1st prizes and International Scholarships and those results demonstrate that the level of competencies of the BIBS’s students is excellent.

In 2019, Anderson founded the Brussels International Ballet company ( performs in Belgium and across Europe,  presenting the most famous Ballet .He has gained European renown and is highly appreciated by the audience.

An internationally recognised talent


Anderson Santana's vision, creativity, involvement, humanity, and dedication to the art of classical dance were brought to light when Anderson was selected by the organisation of YAGP (Youth America Grand Prix) in 2013 and by VKIBC (Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition) in 2015 to coordinate the semi-finals of the world’s largest student ballet scholarship competitions in Brussels. BIBS studios welcomed and hosted all guest teachers and students from all around the world. Several students of BIB finished the competition in the top 12. Since then, Anderson Santana is regularly invited to different International Competitions in Europe, in the United States and in Asia as member of the team of international juries. 

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The transmission of the excellence of talent


As a choreographer, teacher, coach and overall with his human relation with students, Anderson has transmitted his passion to these young dancers. Despite the sacrifices and the difficulties, the dancers have energy and are inspired by this rigorous training to be the best of themselves.

In addition to his responsibilities of director, Anderson is looking to enhance partnerships to develop the art of dance and find new opportunities. He is always searching for new talented students whom will be the future of dance.

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