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Applications are open for 2024 entry to the PTP – Professional Training Program for the following age groups: 14-16 and 17-19 years old.

Audition Process - The deadlines for the video audition are the following :

  • for non-European candidates: 28 March 2024

  • For European candidates: 28 April 2024

There are two ways to audition, and each is considered equally:​

  • Video audition: Audition Registration Fee (Non-Refundable): 60 €

  • In-Person Audition: Privately scheduled. The fee (85 €) for your in-person audition becomes payable ONLY after your application is accepted and the date of your audition in Brussels is confirmed.​​ 

Please read carefully the following information before applying:

Alternative ways to apply

Use this only in the event of a technical error or difficulties with the online aplication platform!

Please note, that  the primary method to apply is by uploading the completed application form and the required photos to our website.

However, if you are having problems or technical difficulties with the online submission, you can send an email to with the completed application form (both word format and PDF are accepted), photos (ID photo, Arabesque, Developpé a la seconde, Grand plie), a video link, and documentation of the successful completion of the video audition fee payment via the website.​​

  • Download the PDF application form here,

  • Video recording guidelines from here 

  • Make the payment here. You may also use a bank transfer to make your payment. Account information for bank transfers is only sent via email; if you'd need this information, please contact us.​​

Your application will be assessed once the payment has been received. The result of your video audition will be communicated by email.


Please wait to make any payment if you've applied for an in-person audition until you've received our mail-in invitation to the audition. The 85 euro fee can then be paid here or on the audition day.​​

Video audition fee payment

Please use this payment method only if you were unable to apply online and you are sending your application via email or post

In-person audition fee payment only after acceptance of your candidature

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