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Based on parent's and student's choice,  there are  different possibilities of accommodation as BIB does not offer dorms during the year. It is parent's and student"'s responsibility to organise accommodations. BIB can provide contacts for international students to assist with their accommodations research.  From April , BIB can provide list of possible free departments and or co-locations depending on students leaving to join a company.

  • Guest family, flatshare, rooming house, studio, apartment for single, etc.). It is the student's responsibility to organise accommodation. 


The neighborhood where the school is quiet, and green, features a lot of parks, where students can relax after an intensive day.


Brussels is a very pleasant and attractive city. It is regarded as one of the best cities concerning Art in general. Young people from all around the world come here to find success in music, painting, theatre, and of course, Ballet.

Photo by Marius Badstuber on Unsplash

Photo by Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

Photo by Adrián Santalla on Unsplash

brussels park.jpg

Photo by Noralí Emilio on Unsplash

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