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Marc Cloot


Marc graduated and completed his training in classical dance, modern dance (Graham, Limon, Horton), modern jazz, folk dance and Spanish dance at the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp under the direction of Marinella Paneda. In 1997 he started his professional career at the Royal Ballet of Flanders directed by Robert Denver and danced in many classical and neoclassical productions classical and neoclassical. In 2003 he moved to Germany and joined the Ballet of the Hanover Opera, under the direction of Stephan Thoss where he danced numerous choreographies by S. Thoss, Mats Ek, M. Goecke and M. De Candia. From 2007 to 2009 he continued his professional career at the Theater of the City of Braunschweig and danced the repertoire of E.M.Lerchenberg-Thöny, A.Pereira, K.Pasztory. From 2009 to 2013 Marc integrated the Gärtner Platz Theater in Munich, experiencing the Repertoire of H.H.Paar, K.A.Schreiner, C.Spuck, E.Clug, E.Soavi, J.Stromgren, G.Reischl,  and H.Huang. He started his teaching in 2006 at the Ballet Durukan Studio in Hanover while he was still a professional dancer and since January 2014, he is a guest teacher at the DansArt Academy in Bielefeld as well as in many schools all over Germany.

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